• Extensive Dashboard

    Our extensive dashboard
    helps you to expand your interchain experience. Get your hands on the dashboard and harness all your on-chain data.

  • Compact and Fast Browser

    We have a compact dashboard
    with core functionalities suitable both for desktop tablet and mobile
    responsiveness views.

  • Top-notch Hardware

    The GPS trackers have
    advanced hardware with cutting-edge features to keep the vehicle on track.

  • High Precision Trackers

    GPS trackers are of high
    precision which enables accurate and more dependable tracking.

  • Automatic Alerts & Notifications

    Get automated alerts and notifications through our GPS trackers leading to proper monitoring, security and safety.

Track Your Staff

Strengthen Real-time Fleet
Management with Track Me Solutions.


GPS trackers enable you to upgrade your driver’s road safety and exertion. We help in offering a safe and secure workplace for your team.

Check Operating Costs

Our GPS vehicle tracking helps you to cut down fuel costs, improve routing, and decrease wear and tear and theft risks. This all improves your operating costs. 

  • John Austin

    I have used the tracking products from Track Me and now I can
    keep a close eye on the movement of my fleet and know whether there are any slackers or not. Thanks to Track Me, I have streamlined my fleet to get the best results, be that customer satisfaction or enhanced economy.

  • Alexa

    To ensure that you are optimally working to the maximum
    capacity of your fleet, Track Me is a must. It lets me control the location of all the cabs that I have without any hiccup. This ensures the safety of the customers and lets me know the routes taken by our cab drivers too.

  • Mary

    Track Me has provided me with the best tracking solution which
    is easy to install and comfortable to work with. The data collected by the
    software is shown to me in the format that enables me to take action at the earliest. I would like all new business starters to go for Track Me.

  • Rachel

    I have used Track Me trackers for my small business and their
    trackers have helped me a lot to enhance the efficiency of my fleet management. I would recommend these products to everyone.